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Experience you and your family can trust, Lykins Injury Law Firm is committed to obtaining a just and equitable resolution of your case; whether by settlement, trial, or appeal.  Focus on recovery while we hold the wrongdoers accountable.  Find out how we can fight for you by calling us today for a free consultation at 800-723-9509 or click here.

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The hard truth is, insurance adjusters will do everything possible to pay you a minimum settlement after a personal injury.  Unfortunately, even your own insurance company will resist paying you what your injuries will really cost your family over the long term.  We are dedicated to helping people fight for the financial compensation they deserve.  Let us fight for you & your family.  We will fight to compensate you and your family for the harms and losses the defendant caused.  

An injury accident lawsuit raises many questions.  Who is at fault?  What about medical bills and lost wages?  How does insurance fit in?  What about the future?  You and your family should not have to continue suffering physically, emotionally, and financially due to someone else's careless acts.  As formidable litigators and skilled negotiators, our team of Topeka lawyers has never wavered from a legal fight in seeking justice for our clients.  We have the skills, experience, and resources to fight and win cases against big corporations, retail establishments, and insurance companies.  Lykins Injury Law Firm will fight to compensate you and your family for the harms and losses the defendant(s) caused.

The Constitution guarantees that no matter the size of the harm or how long or short it may last, the courthouse stands as the place to make it right.  A debt has been created and Lykins Injury Law Firm will insure the debt be paid.

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